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YUVENTAS- 2012 (Script) 1) WELCOMING LINES Ashish; On 1ST of December , a small but an ebullient batch of students entered the hallowed land of National University Of Study and Research In Law , Ranchi. Future ahead was full of suspense , but hope was always at its brim. Not even a mere semester old , students moved by their spirit and exuberance organized the 1ST cultural event and named it the “YUVENTAS”. Today “YUVENTAS” has perhaps become a deep-seated part of our culture. ‘YUVENTAS” marks the apogee of puissance , prowess , adulation , vivacity , cohesiveness of the students for themselves and the institution. Alka: Basking in the limelight of this new found freedom here come the torchbearers of an ideology which defines the hour---- The word Yuventus represents the Greek God… Y- young, U-ujjawal, V-vivacious, A-abhay….. (pause) YUVA & we thank each everyone for planting the seeds of knowledge. National University of Study and Research in Law has been crafted with a vision to revolutionize the legal education so that we, the lawyers of tomorrow are fully geared to face emerging challenges. Aiiyye hum swagat kare apne unn atithiganno ka, jo is suhaani sham ko apne jivan ke smarniya palo me sammilit karne ke liye, hamare beech upasthit hue hain .We are honoured to have such revered dignitaries before us. Alka: As the beautiful notes of music blend with the surroundings and create a mesmerizing effect, it makes the august gathering spellbound… with us we have today… (name)… orchestra. hope We also welcome all the students, faculties and non teaching staffs and look-forward to the successful happening of this event and to idolize the great bonding that we have fostered. 2) LIGHTNING OF THE LAMPS Ashish:- All auspicious endeavours commence with the lightening of diyas as it epitomises knowledge. ab samay ho chala h deep…...

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