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“Why Education is Important to Me”
By: Hernika Alridge

Many students around the world today focus mainly on one thing while they are in school; Career and income, but how do you achieve that? How does one get the career they want and the income they desire? The answer is education several countries are known for their superior performance in academics and the pressure related to their education. Among those countries are China, India and Japan. These three countries share a lot in common; exceptionally smart students and a very strict education system that flood students with pressure from parents to perform extroadinary in school. Anita Desai, who is the author of Studies in the Park, shows us how much education is important in India. Studies in the Park is about a young man named Suno. Suno is ready to apply for college, but before he goes into college, he must pass the entrance exams for his college. Suno undergoes pressure from his parents to study hard and pass the entrance exams. Suno is always reminded from his parents that he expects good results from him and he should just be studying. Suno starts to get fed up with all the talks and his loud home, so he tries and find a new place to go and study; The Park. At the park he meets other students who are just like him; tired of all the noise at home and fed up from their parents fussing at them to study. Anita
Desai’s Studies in the Park obviously connects with the significance of education worldwide, pressure placed on students for education and the pressure for incentives offered for education globally. Many students are always faced with the same problem everyday: Education. Desai showed importance on the pressure that students from India face and how expectations rise every year. Desai’s story may have been a copy of her very own young life because she focused on one’s…...

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