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WORK and family What is the issue? this issue is work and family many women trying to juggle work and family sometimes seems impossible, there are now benefits for mother that whom have to work and raise kids, some mothers did have benefits years ago most mothers in some countries get an extended leave of absence, some 60 weeks, here in united states it varies, 6-8 maybe 12 if you have a C-sections. What are the stated and the unstated premise? If this is correct the stated premise is that most women work and try to take care of home alone with jobs under their belt. I think that the unstated premise is that most women work, but people assume that they can take maternity leave, that isn’t true where I work when I go on leave the leave won’t be paid, I think it’s absurd and very discriminate.

What is the conclusion? The conclusion to me is that I believe a mother should have paid time off to have her child or children and heal correctly, yet in the mist of it all, she still has to have child care for the baby. Even when she gets off her leave (not paid, what did she accomplish no money was made and her body still its healed. Many mother rushes back to work because they don’t get paid leave, so while she’s on leave the bills pile up and theirs another concern. I’m still fighting to get paid leave I don’t know what I’m supposed to do when I do attempt to leave, the bill will continue and kids must be feed. I don’t understand many can work you like a slave but can’t give you sick leave or maternity leave. This part of the article I read from Work and Family in our Library- I wish we had days like this.

The Nordic countries have been pioneers in easing the burden of both parenting and working. According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway all…...

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