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The managing director of Woolworths Limited is Grant O’Brien. In the Woolworths 2012 Annual Report (2012) it is listed that Mr O’Brien was paid $3,420,513. According to Woolworths Limited’s 2012 annual report, they reported a profit of $7839.2 million dollars for the 2012 financial year ending June 30th 2012, which is an increase on 2011’s profit by $519 million. According to asx.com.au, Woolworths Limited last paid a dividend of 65 cents on the 12th of September 2012 per share to their shareholders. Woolworths limited, according to their assets is worth $19,408,500,000. This makes them one of the largest retailing chains in Australia. Woolworths Limited have a total of 190,000 employees, across their various businesses in Australia, India and New Zealand. Woolworths had a 52-week high on the 7th of September 2012 at $30.88 per share, and a low of $23.21 on the 3rd of November 2011.

The ASX 200 had a steady rise over the tracking period (10/08-07/09) of 48.5. Woolworths Limited shares reflected this with a rise of $2.15. Both of these changes reflect the consolidation of a strong Australian economy.

As discussed in “Wesfarmers still eating Woolies’ lunch” Woolworths have recorded an increase in sales from their Masters home improvement store of 24.7% or $828 million, which would explain the sudden spike in their share price of 45 cents between the 20th and 21st of August. Though after this article was published Woolworths limited experienced a quick decline when they announced that they have had to lower the asking price for their electronic retail store Dick Smith.

The initial $5000 investment at $28.11 on the 10th of August brought 177 shares in Woolworths Limited. These 177 shares on the 7th of September were worth $30.26 and produced a profit of $356.02.

Stability ratios

Dept ratio
Equity ratio


Return on total assets
Profit margin…...

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