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Week 3 Reflection Summary


Week 3 Reflection Summary

In last week’s materials, my teammate and I have gained some useful and interesting knowledge about the wireless devices, smartphones, we use every day. We have learned what allows us to send emails, text messages, and pictures to our friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. In our summary of week three’s information, we will discuss how our smartphones work using transmission media and artificial intelligence. Also, we will mention how we use these devices throughout our everyday lives. The first ever smartphone was the blackberry which some people still use today, but technology has reached a new high. Today, we use our smartphones to keep in touch with friends through text messaging and family. We also send emails to our co-workers and classmates. Another advantage of having a smart phone is being able to take pictures no matter where you are and send them to far away loved ones or a friend down the street. We can even use the internet to do research on products and information for school or work. We know how to use these features but what makes them work? Signals sent through waves of media transmission answers that question. There are four different types of media transmission in which will be discussed. The first is microwave transmission which is used for high-volume, long distance, line-of-sight communication. Next, we have satellite transmission which makes use of communication satellites. Third are radio transmissions which allow signals to pass through walls. Without this radio transmission, we would not be able to communicate indoors with our wireless devices. Last but not least, we have infrared transmission which is used for short distances. We use each of these in our everyday lives each time we pick up our smart phones and send a message. We use…...

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