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Cardiovascular System

In this assignment I will be talking about the cardiovascular system and what the structures and functions of the body parts are. The cardiovascular system is powered by the main organ: the heart. The heart allows blood to be pumped around the body, supplying oxygen to the working muscles. The blood not only supplies oxygen but nutrients, hormones and cellular waste too.
The heart
The heart is a hard working organ that is said to be roughly the same size as your fist. It pumps bloody around the body, which supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, it also helps remove carbon dioxide and other wastes. It is important the tissue gets a constant supply of nutrients because it keeps it active otherwise they will die. There are four main chambers to the heart, two that are the upper chambers and the other two are the lower ones these are called the atria and the ventricles. The left atrium and the left ventricle make up the left side of the heart and the same goes for the right side, these are separated by a wall of muscle also known as the septum. The heart is covered by a double-walled sac called the pericardium, this protects the heart.
There are two pathways in which the blood travels to different organs depending on what pathway it is. The pulmonary circuit the blood leaves the right ventricle of the heart and travels to the lungs, this then returns as oxygenated blood to the left atrium pf the heart, this all happens via the pulmonary vein. The second pathway is the systemic circuit, this leaves the left ventricle to the aorta, this enters the arteries and capillaries, and this supplies the tissue with oxygen. The blood returns via the veins and back into the heart’s right atrium. The arteries carry the bloody away from the heart, these are always oxygenated apart from the pulmonary artery, if any of these arteries were to get…...

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...CONFORMITY IS A CHANGE IN AN INDIVIDUALS BEHAVIOUR ACCORDING TO CERTAIN ACCEPTED STANDARDS WITHIN SOCIETY AS WELL AS THE INFLUENCE OF OTHERS WHETHER THIS BE A REAL OR IMAGINARY INFLUENCE. THERE ARE 2 KEY CONCEPTS OF CONFORMITY, ACCEPTANCE OR COMPLIANCE. ✓ Acceptance - Many people conform to social norms in order to feel accepted in the society they live in. ✓ Compliance - This is acting in accordance with something that is requested or following rules etc. Compliance is normally passed down the ranks in the public services Factors which influence conformity People tend to conform more if they have a low self esteem or they feel they need to be socially accepted. A single person is also more likely to conform to feel part of a group of people than two or more people. The strength of the influence as well as the immediacy and the number of sources of influences are also factors of conformity according to THE SOCIAL IMPACT THEORY. Conformity= Compliance with common practices Compliance means doing what other people in our social standing do in our daily lives. Most people, in most social groups, conform in everyday things like speech, dress codes, eating habits etc. This kind of conformity is known as " social control"- the numerous pressures as individuals grow turns them from babies into members of our society. The main agencies of social control are the family, the peer group, the media, religion, employment and the law. All of these encourage conformity of one...

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...and subcommittees. If the idea is still considered to be worthwhile after these discussions then the procedure becomes more formal – the idea is put into a green paper. Green Paper A green paper is a document about a proposed change in the law which is distributed to interested parties to gather their views on the change and open up a period of consultation and debate. This debate might take the form of public meetings, specialist consultation meetings or open enquiries. White Paper These contain a set of formal proposals on the new law or policy. White papers are the drafts of what will become known as bills in later stages of development. Representation from outside government Ways in which the new public policy can be influenced from outside government include: • Letters to MPs • seeing an MP in their surgery • taking into account the views of the opposition. Bills All potential statutes begin life as a bill. A bill is a proposal for a piece of legislation. There are three kinds: • Public bill • Private bill • Private members bill. Public bill A public bill is usually a proposal for a large piece of legislation which will affect the whole country. They are created by the government currently in power. They are sometimes preceded by a green paper which allows interested parties to consult and comment upon the ideas put forward. Private bill A private bill is typically proposed by a local authority or large corporation and will usually affect only the......

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...sentence. The bad thing about this law is that people will not change their minds about women working as the men would have seen the females to be at home cooking dinners, doing housework and childcare not putting out fires and the effect this may have is it will be open to law suits for not letting women into the fire service. For the fire service they put in inspectors who are aware of EO (equal opportunities) are being used and they done this to make sure that the fire service are following the polices they have set out. The effect this might have is that on an inspection a fire department are found out for not following the polices, if they do not follow the polices they will be breaking the law and will be procured and sent to prison. Also an effect it will have on the fire service would be moral. The council is for the whole county such as Kent and they different responsibilities which include education, public transport, emergency planning, highway and the traffic, libraries, planning and development, refuse disposal, social services and trading standards with different departments for each responsibility. One of the council’s responsibilities is the public transport. The good thing about this is buses are more environmental friendly and healthy for the world and as there will be less cars on the road it will create less pollutions in the air and it will create more jobs as the bus company will need people to driving all of the buses, ticket inspectors, people at......

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...P6- Explain the main considerations when planning and preparing for major incidents M4- Explain the role of the organisations involved in planning for major incidents The purpose of emergency planning is to provide an integrated response to major incidents with a view to bringing about a successful end to an incident. Planning and preparation for emergencies and possible major incidents forms a large part of the work of the emergency services and other public services. Emergency plans are drawn up so that, in the event of a major incident, the public services can respond efficiently because they are prepared for it. In this assignment I will be explaining the main considerations when planning and preparing for major incidents and also the role of the organisations involved in planning for major incidents. When planning for an emergency personnel should; * Know their roles- This means that the person knows what they are required to do * Be competent to carry out the task- This means they are able to carry out their job efficiently and with little guidance. * Have access to resources- They have all the equipment they need to be able to do their job. * Have confidence in other responders- This means that everyone in the team has confidence that everyone in the team is competent at their role. When emergency planning is undertaken by category 1 responders, a great deal of thought is given to identifying possible risks. A risk is a hazard or threat that could......

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...In the entirety of this essay, I will be discussing how my commitment to public service has shaped and helped cultivate skills that have proven valuable in the workplace. The notion that people are motivated to work in the public service field as a result of a desire to help others and make a positive impact on their community is a long-standing one. I view my work as strengthening my community; maintaining the highest levels of commitment and competency are crucial to excelling in the public service position. Given that many people are attracted to public service work by their motivation to serve and make a positive difference in other’s lives, it is essential that what is referred to as the “line of sight” between values and the task they are required to fulfill in the organization is not lost while clearly showing all employees how their contribution matters to the overall objectives of the organization is critical to maintaining their sense of motivation. As a government liaison volunteer, we partner with local government agencies and officials to get the job done. Our volunteers act as the “face of the red cross” to our government partners, but also serve as the primary communication channel during disaster response operations. As such, I am committed to tirelessly nurturing and strengthening relationships with our government partners and the public in which I serve. Disaster does not wait for everyone to be prepared, it strikes without warning, with this in mind,...

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...customs authority, this is responsible for making sure that the money is available to fund the UK’s public services and for helping families and individuals with targeted financial support. Through customs service they facilitate legitimate trade and protect our economic, social and physical security. The first responsibility I am going to cover is Defence - Central government is responsible for the defence of the UK, currently with the conservatives in government the Secretary of state for defence is Michael Fallon, He is the MP (Member of Parliament) that controls where the defence budget is spent and how it is utilised for the armed forces. The defence secretary is responsible for the equipment and welfare of any and all military personnel. Also responsible for international relations including lead for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty organisation). The House of Commons- The House of Commons do many things, one of these is law making, nearly half of their work is law making. This can affect the public services and the people enormously. The public services have to follow the laws they are set, if they break they will suffer the consequences, plus the laws which are set can make it harder for, the services to do their job. They also control the finance of the country, through taxation and the selling of government assets, Government assets include the public services this is where George Osborne the exchange of the exchequer comes in. Due to the work they do,......

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