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1. About the Book
(a) Title of the book : Unbroken - A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (b) Author : Laura Hillenbrand (c) Year of publication : November 15, 2010 (d) Publisher : Random House. (e) No of pages : 473 Nos
(f) Type of book : A biography of World War II hero
(g) Other works of Author : Sea biscuit(An International Bestseller) (h) Price : $27
2. About the Author
(a) Laura Hillenbrand, born on 15 May 1967 in Fairfax, Virginia is an American author of books and magazine articles. Hillenbrand spent much of her childhood riding bareback "screaming over the hills" of her father's Sharpsburg, Maryland, farm. A favorite of hers was ‘Come On Seabiscuit’, a 1963 children book.
(b) Hillenbrand suffers from debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome, and remains largely confined to her home. On the irony of writing about physical paragons while being so incapacitated herself, She reportedly stated that she was looking for a way out of her dull home-bound life and she couldn’t have lived it physically, so she was going to have it intellectually. It was, therefore, an exhilarating experience for debilitated Hillenbrand to ride Seabiscuit in her imagination and it was just as fantastic to be there for her alongside Louie as he was breaking the NCAA mile record and with people at these historic moments in their lives – it was her way of living life vicariously.
(c) She studied at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, but was forced to leave before graduation at the tender age of 19 when she contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which she has struggled with ever since. She now lives in Washington, D.C, and rarely leaves her house because of the condition. Hillenbrand…...

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...Unbroken is a real-life, modern day, epic. This story was something that came straight out of a myth, but the truth in it holds to be accurate. This man was the epitome of American ideals, and he went into a war with nothing but a truly iron will. This was the deciding factor in his survival, not his shape physically, but his mind. Admittedly his running was what hardened his will to continue even when every fiber of his body demanded respite. This training was what enabled his mind to handle the sort of stresses put onto him through WWII. Louie Zamperini’s early life was chaotic, but it focused as he got older into a truly beautiful ability as a runner. He started out with a natural ability to run, and his rebelliousness was actually a strength of mind that wouldn’t allow him to bend to others will. This strength also helped him rebel from his own impulses to stop running. The people that are born with a “troubled” character, one that doesn’t easily fit into society and superiors is something that isn’t often seen as a benefit. In Unbroken it is shown in a different light, one that gives an idea of the iron will of rebellious people. As Louie starts his life he rubs everyone the wrong way because he refuses to give, whether it is the right choice or the wrong one it is his choice to make, and he takes control of his own path in a way that often gets trampled in today’s society. As this book progressed I got to know Louie, and couldn’t help but resonate with...

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