Thinking Ethically Unit 6

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Running head: Thinking Ethically

Thinking Ethically
Lillian Castro
Kaplan University
MT203: Human Resources Management
Andrew Toussaint
May 26, 2012

Thinking Ethically
Throughout this case study from the chapter 9 reading I will be discussing the issues related to mentoring, ethics, and succession planning. I for one strongly believe that ethical behavior is strongly important no matter where you are, but it is even more important when you work for an organization to develop and adhere to the ethical code of conduct and stick to it with consistency throughout the organization no matter what position you hold, from the highest most executive to the lowest of employees. Without the use ethical code of conduct any organization is doomed to have a future problems that will ultimately fail because the ethical code of conduct is overlooked.

Review/Analysis of the Case In general the way that a senior executive should start by mentoring junior employees is first and foremost by behaving ethically him or herself. A senior executive should provide good examples of ethical behavior by adhering to the company’s code of ethics and teaching the new employee the responsibilities of the company. Showing what type of behavior is appropriate in the workplace and what is not appropriate. Leading by example is the best form of mentorship because it keeps the senior executive more honest and accountable to the junior employee. Also by showing junior employee real life experiences and situations in which to apply what they are learning (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009).

If I were an employee who contributed in preparing organizations financial statements I believe that having a CFO who places a high priority on ethical behavior would help me to meet high ethical standards even more so because the CFO has high…...

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