The Meeting

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The Meeting

‘The Meeting’ is a Short Story written by an Indian writer named ‘Shama Futehally’. The story is about the main character ‘Sakina’ and her future about getting married with the guy that her Abba has chosen.
Sakina: The main character
Sakina is not a good-looking girl and she does not care so much about her appearance. She is fat, dark and elephantine. She is lazy and so inert, doing everything slowly and wasting the time of her life doing nothing. She loves to stay in her own bed which she thinks it a safe place for her and mostly she lives in a little house alone. She is not a perfect woman, who all the guys want to marry so, that’s why she is now 29 years old but still unmarried.

Now she lives with her Abba because her Amma is dead. After her Amma is gone, she feels like everything is different. Her Amma was sweet and kind. Sakina tries to be like her Amma but it’s not so easy for her. Her duty is to make the tea in the morning and serve it to her Abba but these days, she starts getting later and later. She is afraid of her Abba. Sakina is always worried about the marriage that she doesn’t want. She hopes that it will not happen. She does not want to get married with the guy Ababa introduced to her, the one she does not know before. She also had a bed experience from the brother’s marriage; she could see that the bride was not happy at all. However, the day she does not want comes; her dad told that there is a proposal to her which means that she has to get married very soon. She cannot fight with her dad. She finds it’s a hard time for her to speak with Abba, so the only thing she can do is only wait until the marriage happens. Actually she has a little hope that the guy she’s going to get married with will be a nice handsome guy like her cousin, H. However, it is not like a bed time story that a girl…...

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