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Satire Strategies

We use satire language to be able to interpret real life issues, with a twist of dramatic turns for society to realize how bad a certain issue is actually like. In the book “The Future of Life” by Edward O. Wilson, he constructs the scenario of two very bold statements that circle around the idea of unproductive governmentalist. His satire language used here is pure irony and sarcasm. Which is how these two debates get illustrated throughout the passage.

These two debates only use techniques such as, irony, and emotional appeal. Rather than the typical statistical material satire is used to. This illustrates pathos which is clearly illustrated throughout the debate, due to the name calling both sides take action on. On the first debate, the side of the people-first critics stereotype the environmentalist they start off this name calling by saying, “depends on how angry we are, we call them greens, environs, environmentalist extremist,or environmental wackos”. The environmentalist shoot back by continuing the sarcasm, “that may be what they call themselves, but we know them more accurately as as anti-environmentalist or brown lashers, or more out west, wise users and sagebrush rebels.” Wilson delivers this name calling as a way to opiniate that this is childish, but he twistes this satire with irony in the background of this whole debate.

Wilson reveals the irony in both arguments that while both the environmentalists and conservatives revile each other, they ultimately accuse the other of the same crime, which is to gain political power and take over lands. Wilson also makes great use of hyperbole throughout the two passages to amplify the illogical cases made against the opposing sides, that environmentalists will take your property rights if you let your
As a society we do not take real world problems as seriously as we should. Wilson…...

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