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When Derek was hired there was a lot of was worry that he would be underqualified and unexperienced. As well that he was only being hired because he was the owner’s son-in-law. These worries were reinforced when Derek was unable to accurately quote customers on the jobs that his department was supposed to do. As well Derek didn’t complete many invoices meaning some jobs where the work had been done were not being billed to the clients. When approached about these invoices Derek pawned his work off onto Janice when she offered to help. As well as invoices job slips were often not completed correctly, this meant jobs weren’t priced correctly and many materials listed were not the actual materials used on the job. This then forces Janice to put in extra effort to making sure the inventory was correct and avoid stock-outs. Derek then pawned off his work onto an underqualified untrained student employee. . Derek being unknowledgeable often refused to answer the phone or return calls and questions to his customers. This leave his employees getting yelled at when they go to do a job that he hasn’t ordered or quoted correctly. Or his co-workers having to deal with his angry customers who he never calls back.

Another problem with Derek is that he seems to not care about work. When approached with problems he often doesn’t care or doesn’t deal with the problem. When Janice talked to Derek about the job slip problem, Derek said “is it really a big deal? A dollar here and there isn’t going to affect the company.” Another example of this is when Derek was asked about Jayme Strong the employee Janice has suspicions about falsifying time cards and billing others for when he was doing work elsewhere. Derek knew about the situations but said “it’s not a big deal really, we made enough money off selling him the materials anyways. Who cares?” And when asked about the…...

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