Tanglewood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case 1

Dear: Daryl Perrone,
My name is Andreina Polanco I am an external consultant for staffing services. Below please find my recommendations of where Tanglewood should position itself along the continuum:
1. Acquire vs. Develop talent-
In my opinion Developing talent is a better strategy for Tanglewood than acquiring talent for many reasons. First Acquiring talent from other companies costs more money. Employees who are new to working in retail can start fresh and learn everything and be molded in Tanglewood’s way. This can also help in any problems with workers about how things should be done, because they have learned it another way in retail store. Tanglewood encourages employees to give their suggestions or their ideas in how Tanglewood can become a better company..

2. Hire yourself vs. Outsource-
Tanglewood should not encourage outsource consultants because of their lack in actual experience with the company. Tanglewood needs employees who have knowledge of the company. Hiring within the company can be advantage because the person will be familiar with the company’s decision making. Even thou there are several advantages for hiring an out source, for a example a new person can bring a new plan, new technique or a new opinion that can improve the company.

3. External vs. Internal-
Internal hiring is a better strategy for Tanglewood than external hiring. This allows everyone to start at the bottom as an associate and to work their way up in the company, if the employee works hard and have the desire to move up. This strategy allows the company culture to succeed. Hiring internally supports Tanglewood’s team focus and maintains the family atmosphere in employees that the company was built.
4. Core or Flexible-
For Tanglewood’s operation Environment, because the company knows that employees are an asset to the company, Tanglewood should…...

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