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Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
1. This week I contacted several individuals who work in Information Technology (IT) regarding their positions, systems used and business functions they perform. I attempted to get a crosssection of various positions and functions in the IT field. The following is a brief follow-up of our discussions.
First, I spoke with Mr. James Smith, who was a Vice President of a web development company in Seattle, WA, who closed his business with his partner and moved to Lynchburg, VA. Mr.
Smith worked on various projects in the IT field, but his specialty was web development and security camera installations. His business utilized Windows Server, and he used Bootstrap,
JavaScript, and for his web development. Currently, he admitted to seeking IT employment in Lynchburg. While I did not get the name of his former company, his contact phone number is 555-555-2420.
After speaking with Mr. Smitn, I contacted Mr. John Doe, Director of Operations at Momentum
Solutionz, located in Roanoke, VA. Mr. Smith wears multiple hats as a both Director and
Consultant. He is responsible for consulting with companies in a managerial role in putting together and guiding an IT development team, handles systems analysis, database development and project portfolios. He is responsible for both performing and overseeing design and code review of projects. Additionally, he is responsible for IT training and employee development of the IT staff. Software utilized on a daily basis is Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, People
Tools (development platform), SQL developer and PuTTY, which is software that enables you to make secure connections between Windows and other computer operating systems. Since Mr.
Smith travels extensively in his job, he can be reached via cell phone at 555-555-9854.
Tim Johnson graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computer…...

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