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Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s “Sunset Song” features the hugely successful main character Chris Guthrie,, Chris is a very persuasive character, convincing and believable, She effectively gains the sympathies, through her warm and vital personality and her development throughout the novel.

At the beginning of the novel, Chris is a young girl. She is completely innocent, and unaware of her attitude towards sex; “kissed with her kind , red lips…… it was over in a moment, quick and shameful, fine for all that tingling and strange”. She doesn’t fully understand the appeal of kissing but feels it,
Chris’s sexual development is tracked from her innocent youth, throughout the confusion and experience of adolescence, until her sexual development ends with her marriage to Ewan. During her development she seems to the reader to be reasonable and level headed. She is not affected by the ‘harvest madness’, that causes a wave of sexual activity. It makes her stand out from the rest of the community, her experiences are engaging but not always pleasant, and makes her sexual development realistic and interesting for the reader.

The difference between Chris and the rest of the Kinraddie community in terms of sex continue to illustrate Chris as completely human and real. Her immediate family’s views are distorted concerning sex and she has to struggle to make her own choices; her father is conflicted between sexual desire and the sin of sex and her mother has developed a fear of sex and child birth. Because of her isolation, Gibbons is able to successfuuly explore human experience and sexuality through Chris. The development of mature, fixed views towards sex makes her an attractive character to the reader. Chris is more intelligent than both her parents, Academically she is gifted. However she was born into the peasant way of life and like her mother has a strong emotional…...

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