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MEMORANDUM FROM: Group Members TO: Owners, Summer Place, Inc. DATE: May 26, 2015
RE: Information, Findings and Conclusions on Business and Legal Problems

I. Decision Situation, Concern, and Purpose Summer Place wants to expand Diamond Design and Construction, Inc. (Diamond). It is considering a five-year expansion plan in County A located in eastern North Carolina. This expansion would support increased profits and business growth objectives. County A has enacted utility surcharge ordinance to increase economic develop, to recruit professional and skilled workers and to further growth of existing business organizations in the county. The utility surcharge ordinance requires that businesses with 33 or less full time employees and annual revenues of less than five million to pay $1,000.00 annually per employee for their impact on utility and other public services. If businesses do not comply with this ordinance, their utilities will be terminated 30 days after failure to pay the surcharge. Diamond would have to comply with the utility surcharge on all of its full time employees until its fourth year of expansion.
Diamond must decide the impact of the utility surcharge on its five-year strategic plan and current business operations. The Memorandum provides legal findings and conclusions and recommends how Diamond should respond to the enactment of County A’s utility surcharge ordinance in conjunction with its five-year strategic, expansion plan.

II. Information, Findings, and Methods Summer Place’s attorney provides legal text, judicial decisions and case problems involving the Equal Protection Clause and its application as legal information and methodology. The term that denotes the major rule is the Equal Protection Clause. The statement of rule is "No STATE shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal…...

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