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NUS Business School
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BMA5004A Management & Organization (2 mc)

Dr. Daniel J. McAllister Dr. Matthias Spitzmuller
BIZ1 #08-58 BIZ1 #07-40
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Managers often indicate that they are surprised when they find that people are more difficult than numbers to understand. Recruiters often indicate that they wish new managers possessed stronger people skills. Alumni often indicate that they too wish they had stronger people skills. The aim of this course is to provide you with some of these skills so that you can become a stronger manager and more dynamic leader.

However, management is not a science. Nor is it a profession. It is an art – a craft that is developed over a lifetime. This course is therefore not designed to offer you a magic formula for how to manage an organization. It is designed to offer you some of the tools that you will need to better understand why people in organizations do the things they do and how we can influence these behaviors. We will use theories of management, economics, sociology, psychology, and philosophy to help us discuss individual-, team-, and organizational-level behaviors.

The format for this course will be highly interactive in order to provide a rich learning experience. We will do this through the use of debates, role-playing, simulations, and case studies. Each of these experiences will provide opportunities to reflect and analyze in order that we may walk away with new ways of looking at the world around us. We will have few traditional lectures and those that we do have will be short ones that serve to synthesize a class discussion or exercise. This means that the majority of our class time will require the inputs of the entire class…...

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