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Samsung is the worldwide leader in the multinational business industry in the fields if electronics. About the company which started in 1938 with 30,000 won equivalent to $29. The name Samsung reflects to three stars in Korean. What started as a local manufacturer, which now has become a giant in the electronics business, where it has surpassed all the competitors all over the world.
The company has various development features and growth, which has developed quiet significantly, and has made the company as it is now. For the SWOT analysis for the Samsung Company they are a Global companies that they have invested in that country and have a presence. They have a main cooperate headquarters in their birth country and are responsible for the global strategies. They all are marketed with the same brand name and quality throughout the Global markets.
Samsung Swot:
They have a total control of the electronics market overall in the global markets. According to the research collected Samsung have been the number one for the eight years of continuous dominance in the global television market. They have various markets that have their own influences that make them a diverse company. They have a constant team that influences on the research and development for the newest innovations that come in the market throughout the years.
As a global company there is a vast competition and will need the company to have a strong presence in the market with new innovations which are bound for the legal patent litigations that come up the similar design and functions. And they have not come up out with their own operating system which has made them dependent on the third party or other operating system in their phone or in some electronic devices. They have many lawsuits filed as of that they need to come up with a completely new user interference that…...

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