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Road Speed Limits Professor: Kanyo
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Most of nations have their own road speed limits. This is also an argumentative problem in the modern society. A number of people think that it is necessary to use speed limits to protect people because they believe that lower speed limit can decrease fatalities, injuries and property damage. Others believe that we need to change this policy because it cannot correspond with the development of car quality. According to the data from many car manufactures, the technology of vehicles has changed a lot. I think we do not need to maintain the old standard. We should make new policy to accommodate new technology and new society. Lower speed do not means safer and not fast speed means dangers. I am the one who wish government can change this policy because I think that changing the speed limit cannot only save our time but also boost our economy.
Road Speed Limits
Most of countries have their own speed limit; it is used to regulate the speed of road vehicles. Speed limits may define maximum, minimum or no speed limit and are normally indicated using a traffic sign. Speed limits are commonly set by the legislative bodies of nations or provincial governments and enforced by national or regional police or judicial bodies. The first speed limit legislation was created in the United Kingdom with the Locomotive Acts. Drives are required to control at a safe speed for conditions. However, the present cannot compare with the past; the technology of vehicles has changed a lot. There are two different positions in this topic. Some people think we should have the road speed limit to protect people and the governments always strongly agree with this opinion. Other people think we should change the road speed limit or cancel it because the road speed limit is…...

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