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Risk Management Assessment Summary
Community Mental Health
March ##, ####
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Community Mental Health Being hired as a consultant for a community mental health facility my main focus will be risk assessment and management that will be used to identification of quality patient outcomes.
This would mean that any projects that are done in the community mental health facility will need to be well planned and thought out, understanding also that once the program is installed it will remain an ongoing process, allowing room for improvements. In working as a consultant in this role and facility it is necessary to work toward improving employee performance and management as this is essential when analyzing existing developments and issues throughout the organization. Having a plan in place for risk management and assessments for improving quality patient care is important. As a consultant for this organization the processes that I will be introducing will include:
• Organizational change
• Management assistance
• Technology implementation
• Development of coaching skills
• Policies and regulations of risk-management and assessment
• Strategy development
• Operational improvement services This consulting opportunity will also have recommendations for methodology that will help to enhance the organizational performance in an efficient and effective manner allowing the completion of all assigned tasks.
Community Mental Health The purpose of a community mental health facility is to provide comprehensive mental health services to include ambulatory and impatient care. The specific services to be provided are defined in an act of the U.S. Congress, the Community Mental Health Centers Act, and requirements are updated occasionally. The cost of consultation, educational services, instruction,…...

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