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September 24, 2012
Trisha McAloon Refining Solutions Paper The original issue that I have been dealing with is that my 6 year old daughter is in the first grade and begins to cry when I drop her off at school. My initial solution was to sit with my daughter through her breakfast and leave when I was able to drop her off with her teacher. After working through this solution several times, I realized that it was not only still an issue it was becoming a bigger issue. So I would have to change up my solution and find something that worked better.
The issue: How should I handle a crying child at school?
Solutions: 1.Stay with her until she finishes breakfast and leave her with her teacher.
2. Stay with her until she finishes breakfast and leaver her in the breakfast area with her friends.
3. Walk her to the door in the morning and say goodbye and leave whether she is crying or not.
My daughter Laney began her school year with a huge smile on her face and enjoyed each day, shortly after the school year started she began crying when she was dropped off at school. Feeling that there was something more going on I was determined to find out what was causing this issue for my child. I determined that this was an issue because she enjoys school and talked of her teacher and friends fondly so I had to wonder what would cause her to cry. I observed her with her teacher and determined that she is possible a little rougher that her previous year and Laney may just not be adjusting as well this year. I also observed that she is a soft hearted child and saying goodbye may just be hard for her.
My original solution of sitting with my daughter at school was a failure because she still cried even when I stayed through breakfast and left her with either her teacher or her with her friends. I had to find a solution that would involve her growing and realizing that she was…...

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