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Google Search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.
Special features
Besides the main search-engine feature of searching for text, Google Search has more than 22 "special features" (activated by entering any of dozens of trigger words) when searching: * * weather * stock quotes * time * sports scores * unit * currency conversion * calculator * numeric ranges * dictionary lookup * maps * movie showtimes * public data * real estate and housing * travel data/airports * package tracking * patent numbers * area code * synonym search * Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

* The most efficient search engine. * EOS/EOS - largest search engine in the world. * Good capability in supplier-lawyer integration.
* Over dependence on textual and other internet advertising revenue.
* Legal challenges about information storage. * Reducing margins, several internet advertisers.
* BRIG countries * Computer literacy rises * Telecommuting and at-home-businesses growth * Mobile technologies offer another opportunity * Cheaper global telecommunication costs open new markets * Traditional ad domain office suites

Launched early 2011, MetroDeal Philippines is the Philippine's #1 daily deal site offering unbeatable deals on the best stuff to do, eat, see, and buy in cities across the country. In 5 months, they are already one of the country’s biggest offering several daily discounts on deals. MetroDeal uses collective consumer power to offer…...

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