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Striving for excellence involves developing not only technically, but also in the areas of communications, interpersonal relationships, ethics, and more.
For as long as I can remember, my Dad has preached the importance of a balanced life, and I used to brush him off because I never fully understand what that meant. “Son, you need to maintain balance,” and “Son, the key to success is your life balance” sounded like stale clichés until I realized that balance and its corollary “wellness” were actually at the heart of everything I sought to accomplish in life.
The overall wellness and effectiveness of individuals depends wholly on their ability to balance all dimensions of life. And I would argue that the same goes for brands – we are most effective when we focus our message on multiple dimensions of life. The true aim of marketing is not to sell stuff, but rather to create balance and wellness for people.
Im strongly determined towards becoming a marketing director in __________________.
In that context, I have been thinking about how I can be a better leader and manager. At the risk of sounding like Martin Lukes, here is my personal manifesto. These are my goals as a manger. I would welcome feedback – both from my own staff (positive and negative feedback welcomed) and from others. 1. It is amazing what you can achieve if you don’t care who gets the credit.
If something goes right, I’ll make sure the credit goes to the people who did the work. If something goes wrong, then the buck stops with me. It is my responsibility to ensure that the team has the right resources, leadership and remit to succeed; if they do not, then I have failed to ensure that they have what they need. 2. If everything is a priority, nothing is.
If we want to keep things ticking over as they are and take no risks, then we should do a little bit of everything. But if we want…...

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