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Product, Pricing, and Channels Paper
MKT/421 Marketing
Tierron Madden, Jacquelyn Her, Michael Highfill and Evan Strick
April 05, 2015 Creig Foster

The future of electronics are changing, and there are many electronics that have one or another function. It is the one product that a customer look for that can do everything. The newest product will change how we wear and interact with our electronics. It is the beginning of all the possible things that customers can do by wearing a product.
Product Features and Target Market Needs Apple watch has multiple services that will make their customers happy and be able to stay in touch with everything conveniently. There are more than one watch to choose from, which will help each customer wanted one that meet their needs (Apple Inc., 2015). A company that have options are important because it allow their customers to have a choice in what they want versus not having any choice. Apple watch lets customers interact and navigate wearing a smaller device to wear around your wrist, but work just like an iPhone or a Mac computer (Apple Inc., 2015). The Apple watch has a retina display that will provide a better quality image, unlike other watches and recognize a simple touch to open up applications (Apple Inc., 2015). This will help customers who do not have smartphones wear something they are used to such as a watch and give them the same experience as those who have a smartphone. Apple Watch has also included a personal touch such as their Taptic Engine that alerts you by a tap and interact with other Apple watch user by sending them your heartbeat (Apple Inc., 2015). This is a personal touch that customers can use to send to their love ones when they are away. The Apple watch is worn on your wrist, and it is easier to track your physical activities, unlike a phone where you have to have it with you…...

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