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◦ Do you agree with your peer’s view of what constitutional principles should guide policy on victimless crimes? Why/why not? ◦ How does your view differ from that expressed in your peer’s post?

WHAT HE SAID: William Kiatta
The book states that "victimless crimes" are, "the act among willing adults that violate some moral principle supported by the dominant forces in society constitute a substantial fraction of crimes." With this being said, I do not believe in "victimless crimes" such as drug trafficking, drug use, and prostitution. Victimless crimes such as gambling, homosexual acts, and sodomy should be guided by the 10th admendment. The 10th amendemnt pretty much states that the power not granted in the constitution by the U.S. is up to each individual state to make it a law or not. This is good because each states sees "victimless crimes" differently.
The Constitution has more of a commutarian view on "victimless crimes". The situation in this discussion says that some victimless crimes were prostitution, drug trafficking, and drug use. These three examples are illegal in every state. I do not believe the constituion supports these acts. People are arrested everyday for these reasons and it is for our protection. If it were up to people to decide wether or not to do this there would be more prostituion, more drug use and more drug trafficking. This would cause higher spread of diseases and crime rate. "the use of illegal drugs is often associated with murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assoult, burglary, theft, serious motor vehicle offenses with dangerous consequences, arson and hate crimes." (ncadd.org) The Constitution was made to protect us and it is soing so by having a commutarian view on "victimless crimes."
"Clearly, a reduction in the extent of drug addiction should lead the to a reduction in crimes against property." (Cochran,…...

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