Organized Crime Group Analysis

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Organized Crime Group Analysis

CJA/384-Organized Crime
September 09, 2012
University of Phoenix

Organized Crime Group Analysis
Team Summary
Clotilda: The article I read was about a modern day mafia getting captured, and exposed by law enforcement. The Mafia had committed many crimes including Gambling, Drug Dealing, Extortion, Murder, and Union corruption. The article also talked about early mafias, and original gangsters that made themselves most wanted criminals from under the names of their mafias. It addresses many criminal names like “Martin Angelina”, “John Gotti”, and “Joe Merlino”.
But that’s beside the point; this article focuses on the Genovese Family, from Newark, New Jersey and their control over the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA). They compare this mafia’s legacy to the 1954 film classic “On the Waterfront”; they also tell us that individuals state that the Genovese Organization has been in the “nearly three-decades-long extortion of post workers”. The mobs point man was Steven “Beach” Depiro, he was 55 and a very reputed solider. The Mob members had to kick back their Christmas bonuses just for the organization to work. Even Union Leaders were charged in the 53 count indictment, the indictment also listed the salaries of 7 of the ILA members, their salaries ranged from $230,512 to $532,719.
Many things have changed over time since Marlon Brando’s Terry Malloy went and stood up against of the corrupt union bosses in “On the Waterfront”. The U.S. attorney Paul Fishman feels as though union workers should feel safe working in their workplace without having to feel like they’re going to get a shakedown, or extortion.
Shakedowns and extortions were a part of the indictments, but to sum it all up mafias are not very honorable nowadays and they’re very public (George Anastasia, 2011).

Nawanna: The article seems to break down…...

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