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Project Title: | Online Cooperative Credit Inquiry System | Proponents/Researchers: | 1. Mark Angelo Mandigma | | 2. Mc Vincent Ringor | | | | | | | Rationale | Online Cooperative Credit Inquiry System is a system process in which data entered offline but information can be retrieved online. Any inquiry into an account, whether it be a depositary account or credit account. The inquiry can refer to past records, payments or other specific transactions, or any other entries relating to the account [1]. Most financial institutions have a formal department that deals with account inquiries. Sometimes the term is used when there is a request to or from a credit agency about a particular consumer [2]. A transaction whereby a bank or other credit-issuing institution views an individual's credit report in connection with a loan or credit card application. The purpose of a credit inquiry is to evaluate an individual's likelihood to repay money that is lent to them (known as creditworthiness) [3].

| Scope of the Study: | A Client of the Cooperative Agency can enter an Account Number (The Agency assign an account number when the client registered and avail a service offered by the agency). * Online Credit Inquiry System will access accounts and gives them an update about client balances, * Online Credit Inquiry System will access accounts and determine whether there is an overpayment on your account and provide instantly: * A Statement of Overpayments. The Client can access refund applications to request a refund. Withholding accounts may also claim an overpayment as a credit on line three of a future return (Form MO-941). * If there are no overpayments, confirmation that there are currently no overpayments on the account.The online system provides…...

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