Once Upon a Shop

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Once upon a shop: Jeanette Winterson

Modern society and modern life with a modern market. The small and private owned little shops, we’ve seen them all. In every town, every city, right next to the big grocery stores Tesco or Sainsbury’s they are located; unable to compete with these international and wide-spread super-markets. Stores with irresistible low prices and kilometre wide range of food variants, such as Jeanette Wintersons’ vegetable shop” Verde”, which she writes about in her personal essay” Once upon a shop”, aren’t able to cope with. An analysis of “Once upon a shop” shows which challenges small private shows have in the food industry today, and through Jeanette Winterson’s argument-tation we get an insight into her attitude toward the subject and what she advocates for.

As modern people we might take it as “that’s how the market works”, but Winterson’s see the domi-nance of big food chains as a problem. Her personal essay is an advocating essay where she ex-presses her opinions about food industry and how it has changed. Thereby, it is interesting to take a look at how she argues. Is her arguments present in a way that works advocating and actually makes the reader think and act different in proportion to the food industry?
If you look at her way of arguing, then the most prominent element in the argumentation is her way of using own experiences and making it clear to the reader that it is her own view on the situation, which is clear when she writes: “We do not do as other countries in Europe do and implement a sliding-scale business rate, so Verde has to pay the same money as an estate agent or a mobile phone outlet. I think this is wrong. If we want the delightful sustainable small shops we all adore in France or Italy, we have to persuade the government to be realistic about the rates.” (page 3, line 13-16) Her argument is that the…...

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