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Differences between a bill and an omnibus bill

To answer the question what is the difference between a bill and an omnibus bill we need to start with what is a bill. As stated in many the schoolhouse rocks video a bill is an idea for a new law that a congress man sponsors to become a law. A bill for the most part deals with a specific item or problem. Once a bill in introduced in congress it goes to a committee. In committee the bill is debated. In committee amendments can be added to a bill and the language in the bill can be changed. If the committee votes to approve the bill it will go to the full House to be voted on. If approved it moves to the Senate and the process starts again at the committee. If the Senate passes it the bill goes to the president to be signed to become a law. Now let’s answer the question what is an omnibus bill. An omnibus bill is defined as a bill that combines amendments to several laws or measures on diverse subjects into one bill, such as reconciliation bills, combined appropriation bills, spending bills and private relief and claims bills. An omnibus bill is a bill like the federal budget or a bill that has had a separate bill added to it that may not have passed on its own. Omnibus bill have become more common in recent years. This can be a good thing. By using omnibus bill the Congress can spend less time debating budget bills by combining all of the budgets into one omnibus bill. An omnibus bill can also be a bad thing. In recent years the omnibus bill has been used to pass laws that would not have passed on their own by adding these bills to bills that would be hard to vote down. I think using omnibus bills in this way is a very scary. By doing this congress is passing bills without proper debate and one congress man can add…...

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