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Translation We live in a time when shopping has become a spare time recreation. Modern consumers are more demanding than ever, not least because they already have everything they need. This implies that the stores must exert themselves vigorously to survive. The stores can only expand by stealing each other's customers , which presumably benefits the customers through lower prices and improved products. However, at the same time this situation mean that the packaging , the stores, and the service is significantly more sophisticated . An example of a new kind of business can be seen in Paris . Here lies Colette where the absolute best brands have already been selected for the picky customers: the trendiest clothes , the best cosmetics, the most beautiful bags and the coolest sunglasses. Not only is fashion sold, but it is also possible to buy the daily newspaper and the latest art, and in the basement is a water bar with 80 different brands of mineral water to choose from.

Duane Hanson: "Tourists”
The title is representative for the picture. It is quite that these two persons are indeed tourists. The first thing that meets the eye is the very casual and laid back atmosphere in the picture. Both the man and the woman, who we can assume are married, are clearly observing something. It could look like they are out on an excursion or sightseeing, which furthermore adds to the idea of them being of some sort of vacation. Another important factor for this relaxed atmosphere is their very casual tourist cloths, plus their merchandise and other items that they are carrying with them. But this is where the photo pops out of the ordinary. Because judging by their clothes and the items they carry, it is clear that this is in the sixties, and while that might not be strange, it is strange though, that the two people are African American. In…...

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