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National News Media are Largely Liberal in Political Bias


The media provides the American people with information. This information is used by the citizens to make decisions and often to take actions. Because the media is the source of information for most American citizens, it is important to understand the techniques media outlets use in an attempt to bias their audience. The most common techniques that attempt to bend the public to a given point of view are use of statistics and counts, tone and diction, and more frequently, omission.

National News Media are Largely Liberal in Political Bias
During the 2008 presidential election Barack Obama received more than twice the media coverage than John McCain. It is doubtful that anyone that was aware there was an election going on would need surveys to confirm that statement. Obama got more attention than McCain because Obama was the “rock star” of politics and McCain was just another politician, At that time Obama represented fresh and new and that was what mattered especially to the younger groups (Page, A Big Story is our Biggest Bias, 2008). But being star struck does not explain the media bias that has existed for a very long time. Very few people, including the media members and journalists will argue that the national news media are not biased. Despite the journalistic ideal of “objectivity,” every news story is influenced by the attitudes and background of its interviewers, writers, photographers and editors (Donnelly, 1999). The U. S. national news media are largely liberal in its political bias and it is important to our democratic process to recognize the techniques used to create the bias and to actively seek correct and complete information. Defenders of the liberal media often use the logic that the media…...

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