Never Above the Waist

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"Never above the Waist" by Cinnie Macdougall

1. The new P.E. teacher is also responsible for what?
The P.E teacher is responsible for the girls sports program.

2. What was the sport? What season is this sport played?
The sport they played was field hockey. They played this sport during the fall.

3. Who found the equipment? List the equipment they had. In what condition was the equipment?
They made wooden sticks from table legs and used wooden balls for the hockey puck.

4. The sign glossed as HAVE, means what?
b) The equipment is available for the students to use.

5. Why did Cinnie win the new team?
Connie joined the new team because they were in need of volunteers. She also loved to play sports and thought she would enjoy trying a new sport.

6. How many girls signed up for the team?
There were 12 girls that signed up for the field hockey team.

7. How did Cinnie describe the Coach's language or communication skills?
Cinnie described the coaches language skills as poor and lousy. The coaches signing was very weak and hard to understand. Cinnie decided to teach the players how to communicate and explain the meaning of the rules.

8. What was the one important rule the coach emphasized?
The coach told the students never to hit the stick above the waist because it could hurt someone.

9. What did Cinnie think about this rule?
She was fine with the rule and understood the importance of it. To her, it made sense because if your raise the stick above the waist, you could loose control and it could become dangerous to her and the other…...

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