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The Philippines is facing again a very serious issue that affects moral values and its culture. This is really a very serious issue and could really change the life of every Filipino, Issue pertaining to Reproductive Health Bill.
Many Filipinos are very naive about this and most probably has no idea of what possible effects that could destroy our true Filipino morality with the concern of reproduction and sex. Religious groups and organizations opposed this bill, and so with the few concervative Filipinos, but for those whose minds were twisted by only on politics and business, they thought that to reduce poverty is through population control. Believing that the country's resources can now be segregated evenly to the country's population. Later in our discussion we will talk about the future effects of this bill.
Here is a very strong opposing statement to the Bill by one of the top politicians in the country, Francisco S. Tatad -
"THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH bill in the House of Representatives is being presented as a health bill and an antipoverty bill at the same time. It is neither. It is not what its authors say it is; it is everything they say it is not. It is an ideological attack on human life, the family, and our social and cultural values.
The bill rests on a flawed premise; it is unnecessary, unconstitutional, oppressive of religious belief and destructive of public morals and family values. Its enactment into law will only deepen the already frightening ignorance about the real issues. It should be rejected."
The religious sectors are not only the ones opposing the bill but some intellectuals who viewed the bill as an attack to the Filipino morals. But you may ask what is in the Bill that you may think is immoral?
Well if you are done reading it, now let us talk! If you are a kind person who…...

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