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Individual: Network Based Threat Research
There are so many people who are connected to network and with the passing time, the amount of people connected through network is increasing even more. As the network connectivity is increasing, the threats to security are also increasing. Network security and network-based threats are the most significant vulnerabilities that need to be maintained as it involves information, which is transferred between computers.
There are several pieces of information, which is case sensitive and is vulnerable to outside attack. The network security is also exposed to hackers attack and is subject to various malicious threats that can endanger the sensitivity of information and pose a threat to network. The various network-based threats are pumped into the network all over the world and are a significant matter for consideration at the moment (Godbole, 2008).
Network based threats
There are various network-based threats some of which are explained below: * Viruses and Worms: Virus is a coded program or coded information that is transmitted or loaded into the computer unintentionally and run on the system. It exploits the system without the knowledge and wish of the system owner and can create huge damage and harm to the computer.
Freezing or hanging of computer after opening a mail or coded information is an example of virus attack through network. The downloading of virus onto the computer system will affect the entire computer network because the virus copies itself and quickly spread across the network system. Works are more or less similar to viruses and act as the host program for viruses to run (Stebben, 2006). * Trojan horse: Trojan horse is yet another type of network threat that can cause the harm and damage to network security. It is malicious program, which contains harmful code, and a very harmful programming…...

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