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My Swot

The analysis of the Walt Disney Company is up and running and here’s what I know so far:

Name if Assigned Company: Walt Disney Company
Major media Holdings: The Walt Disney Company owns the ABC Television Network, cable networks including ESPN, the Disney Channel, SOAPnet, A&E and Lifetime, 277 radio stations, music and book publishing companies, production companies Touchstone, Miramax and Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios,

- Consolidation: Walt Disney operates in three different fields, such as Media Networking, studio entertainment and Consumer Products. - Deregulation: Disney did not do it because of fear of less sales. - Vertical integration: Walt Disney is formed by different business line sub-companies, allowing the organization to plan, produce, advertise, and distribute all of its products on its own, without looking for other companies services. - Horizontal integration: Walt Disney owns many studio entertainment, consumer product companies, and media networks. These forms a horizontal integrated industry because all of them are part of the same business line and act together to increase efficiency. - Globalization: Walt Disney Products and Services are found all over the world in different forms and areas, including parks, resorts, movies, books, clothes, toys...etc. - Joint Ventures: The Walt Dianey Company has lots of Marketing Relationship including Walmart, Direct T.V, and also different countries and more\ - Synergy: Walt Disney Company bought Pixar Studios that allowed to make more advanced animation movies which are distributed through Buena Vista. - Branding: ABC Television Network, ESPN, Disney Channel are all apart of The Walt Disney Company and all are very popular names. - Specialization: In an effort to expand and grow Disney has added Disney Channel spain and more…...

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