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Module Guide 2015-16

Module Title – Strategic leadership in a changing world

Module Code – 6BUS1059

Academic Year – 2015/16

Semester - AB

Module Leader – Keith Seed


1 Contact details for the module leaders (and teaching team) NameK.SeedS CullifordV. AminP.Mason | RoomM248 | Phone 01707-28400 ext 5589 | | Office & Feedback hours. The module leader has two office hours per week commencing 5th October 2015. Keith Seed’s office hours are Monday 2.30pm-3.30pm and Friday 2.30pm-3.30pm. |

2a Module aims
Appreciate a range of issues and challenges confronting strategic leaders of public, private and third sector organisations in a turbulent global environment.

2b Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding
Successful students will typically have a knowledge and understanding of:

1. the risks and opportunities confronting strategic leaders in a changing world;
2. the challenges facing organisations in times of economic growth and recession;
3. theoretical approaches to the evaluation of an organisation's strategic position, choices and implementation of options for change;
4. the distinctions between differing change contexts and styles of leadership.

Skills and attributes
Successful students will typically be able to:
5. research, diagnose and analyse a complex range of strategic problems
6. critically evaluate strategic concepts and theory, decision-making and planning, using practical examples of strategic leadership and change processes;
7. develop the ability to work as part of a team on a group project

3 Format of delivery-nature of contact hours per week

The module is delivered through a one hour’s lecture every week and A SEMINAR OF TWO HOURS DURATION EVERY TWO WEEKS.
Students are active participants…...

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