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Executive Summary

Most of the organizations face problems when they hire incompetent people for a job. This can be a huge problem for organizations. When an employee is not competent enough for the duties entrusted to him, the employees around him will be disappointed and de – motivated. Not only the employees around him, When the employee realize that his/her competency level was far below to the required standards he/she will also be disappointed in themselves.

In this case Global Consumer Products Company wanted to hire a Brand Manager for their newly developed Baby Soap as it was an urgent need for them. In recruiting a suitable candidate for the job they have came across many problem areas.

According to this case company haven't been able to attract potential candidates to fit into the job well and they have conduct interviews in a rush manner. Somehow they manage to hire a candidate who is not suitable for this job and had not been exposed to strategic Management initiatives in his previous job. They haven't given proper induction and involved him in business activities from the first day without familiarized with the systems and processes of the company. His competency level was far below to the required standards. His Branding team members were really disappointed and de-motivated.

In this case study I have identify the problem areas and recommended solutions for the problems.
The case has been examined by identifying the similar cases as literature review to classify the situation and to analyze how react for this kind of scenario.

Problem Statement

When consider the case the main problem is not having a Brand Manager for their newly developed Baby Soap Ranges. The Company wants to hire a Brand Manager. It was a very urgent manpower required to be filled.

Forecasting future people needs (demand forecasting) haven't done properly in…...

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