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Team Project: Game Plan X Portal
Project B

Ziad Alsuhaibani, Rayan Arab, Mohammad Farsi,
Lucerito Marte-Calonge, Joseph Ruiz
MBA 617
Professor Roman Wong, PhD, CPA
Summer 2011
To access their webpage a user must open their Internet explorer or similar webpage browser and type GamePlanX.com. This will take them to the GamePlanX Homepage, see appendix A for the comprehensive schema for the website. Once signed in, a user has the capability to use the webpage to its full potential. For example, by clicking the Home button, a user will be re-routed from any part of the webpage to the homepage (appendix 1.1). Any of the website features can be accessed from the homepage, and this is the first page a user will view once they log in. Under the Homepage, a user has the option to access different parts of the webpage; these are the Mentoring section, Career, Wellness, Expert Blogs, Forums, E-Concierge and Multimedia (appendix 1.2 thru 1.8).
Under the MyGPX section (appendix b) of the webpage, a user has many options. For example, under the Edit Profile section (appendix 2.1 and 2.2), a user can edit their personal information, which includes their name, address, privacy settings, email settings, password and photos. A user may also write and send messages. Appendix 3.1 and 3.2 illustrates what the users may view in the My Apps section. Here the user may install and then interact with their applications. Expert users have the authority to add or remove apps. In addition, Expert users may also install and interact with those apps. Also, Users can interact and collaborate through those apps in order to reach integration via apps available to the entire teams. However, under this section, we found that it may also be more convenient if users from different teams could interact through each other’s apps when needed.
Another section available under the MyGPX page is…...

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