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Juvenile Delinquency
Chapter Two - Assignment Three
Scenario A
The situation that Shatiek finds himself in is a sad and unfortunate one. However, as a juvenile judge I would treat him as a minor. Having considered all the available evidence and information, it is clear that the young man has been influenced by the society.
Crime and drugs are all he knows about. The young man has never had the opportunity in his short life to try and be anybody else other than that. The courts should provide the young man with this opportunity. I would place him in a youth facility for a prolonged stay to help him.

Question 2
A 16-year-old like Shatiek may or may not deserve a second chance. It is determined by the evidence and information adduced in court concerning the particular young 16 old.

Question 3
Shatieks's behavior is very much common among adolescent boys especially in the low-end areas and estates. Young boys are introduced very early in their lives into crime, drugs and firearms.

Scenario B
Question 1
The children should be prosecuted in a juvenile court. They should be locked up in a youth facility for a period. The service would allow them realize the seriousness of their actions. It would arrest this deviant behavior before is spills out of control.

Question 2
There is sufficient evidence to justify crimes among the participants of the sex ring. Whatever missing evidence or piece of information there is can easily be investigated by the law enforcement officers.

Question 3
It is paramount that the participants be punished for their activities. In an addition, they should undergo counseling to share their thoughts and feelings on the issue. Parents and guardians are also advised to pay more attention to their children and to what they may be up to. Serious crimes may be being committed right under their noses.


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