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Virgil whose name was Publis Vergilius Maro was an icon of his time. Virgil’s

work has been widely studied until today. He was very famous in his community and

very involved in Rome’s politics. Vergil was an introspective man very different from

other important poets such as Horace.

Virgil was born in Andes, a small town near Mantua, Italy on October 15, 1970

BCE and died on September 21, 1919. He was born under the government of Gnaeus

Pompeius the Great and Marcus Licinius Crassus. While being pregnant , Virgil’s mother

dreamt that she was giving birth to a tree full of fruits and flowers. The next day when

she was with her husband in a nearby town, she gave birth to Virgil beside the road. The

baby had such a pacific expression in his face that his parents predicted that he was going

to have a happy destiny. Few days later, someone planted a tree in the same place where

Virgil was born. The tree rapidly reached the size of other older trees. Consequently,

pregnant women who wished their children to become as successful as Virgil worshiped

the tree. (Naumman)

Virgil’s family was well regarded but they weren’t wealthy. Virgil’s father, according to some historians was a potter, even though some have stated that he used to work for a Magus, an attendant on the magistrates, and because of his upstanding work his employer allowed him to marry his daughter. He later acquired some land and was dedicated to raise bees.
The influence of Agriculture impacted Virgil’s writings. Bees were greatly admired and understood by Virgil. He writes in his Georgics “Bees on the other hand , though very tiny, are admirable community, often taken as exemplary for human society….Virgil handles his bees with affection. They’re little Romans ; they’re intensely patriotic, industrious, selfless, dying gladly for the community. ‘All…...

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