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Example of an Argumentative Essay Lets’ Mix It Up Written by: Brian Villapudua Immigration is a touchy subject today and few people of this country are willing to stick their necks out and take a stand on one side or the other. Either way they look at this muffled debate is bound to raise many questions. Let’s take, for example, those who side with the anti-immigrationists. They argue that immigration puts a greater stress on the taxpayers to support immigrants. Anti-immigrationists say immigrants are taking jobs away from U.S. nationals and raising rents, and that too many immigrants are entering too fast to assimilate into “American” culture. However, these people appear to have made rash judgments about the issues when making such arguments, which seem to stem from xenophobic prejudices. Some of us don’t like to deal with things that are unfamiliar to us, but immigrants are an invaluable resource to this great nation, which was created by immigrants. Thus, we should strive to increase the number of legal immigrants allowed into our country.
One argument anti-immigrationists make is that the taxpayers are burdened by the extra expenses for health, welfare, and other non-educational services that are placed on the system by immigrants. But are immigrants really burdening this country? George Borjas, an economics professor at the University of California at San Diego, discovered that even though immigrants receive more in government benefits than they pay in taxes, they actually produce a net gain for the U.S. economy of about four billion dollars a year.
What about immigrants taking away our jobs? This is another question asked by anti-immigrationists. In actuality, the jobs that immigrants accept are usually low-paying ones in restaurants, households, agriculture, and in the manufacturing industry, Dr. Lerry Bedard, a hospital board member in…...

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