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Srihari Techsoft

Software Testing
An overview

Srihari Techsoft




Srihari Techsoft

Black box testing
• No knowledge of internal design or code required.
• Tests are based on requirements and functionality
• White box testing
• Knowledge of the internal program design and code required. • Tests are based on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions.

Srihari Techsoft

Black Box - testing technique
• Incorrect or missing functions
• Interface errors
• Errors in data structures or external database access
• Performance errors
• Initialization and termination errors



Srihari Techsoft

Black box / Functional testing

Based on requirements and functionality

Not based on any knowledge of internal design or code

Covers all combined parts of a system

Tests are data driven

Srihari Techsoft

White box testing / Structural testing
• Based on knowledge of internal logic of an application's code
• Based on coverage of code statements,

branches, paths,

• Tests are logic driven



Srihari Techsoft

Functional testing
• Black box type testing geared to functional requirements of an application. • Done by testers.
System testing
• Black box type testing that is based on overall requirements specifications; covering all combined parts of the system.
End-to-end testing
• Similar to system testing; involves testing of a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use.

Srihari Techsoft

Sanity testing
• Initial effort to determine if a new software version is

performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort.

Regression testing
• Re-testing after fixes or modifications of the software or its




Srihari Techsoft

Acceptance testing
• Final testing based on specifications of the end-user or


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...THE INCREASING RETURNS REVOLUTION IN TRADE AND GEOGRAPHY Prize Lecture, December 8, 2008 by Paul Krugman Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton, NJ 08544-1013, USA. Thirty years have passed since a small group of theorists began applying concepts and tools from industrial organization to the analysis of international trade. The new models of trade that emerged from that work didn’t supplant traditional trade theory so much as supplement it, creating an integrated view that made sense of aspects of world trade that had previously posed major puzzles. The “new trade theory” – an unfortunate phrase, now quite often referred to as “the old new trade theory” – also helped build a bridge between the analysis of trade between countries and the location of production within countries. In this paper I will try to retrace the steps and, perhaps even more important, the state of mind that made this intellectual transformation possible. At the end I’ll also ask about the relevance of those once-revolutionary insights in a world economy that, as I’ll explain, is arguably more classical now than it was when the revolution in trade theory began. 1. TRADE PUZZLES In my first year as an assistant professor, I remember telling colleagues that I was working on international trade theory – and being asked why on earth I would want to do that. “Trade is such a monolithic field,” one told me. “It’s a finished structure, with nothing interesting left to do.” Yet even before the......

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...Have developed strong analytical and problem solving skills * Have an awareness of compliance issues and the implications of various regulations and standards * Have the communication skills needed to write clearly and give effective presentations * Have learned to conduct themselves as business professionals in interactions with their peers, superiors, and subordinates * Have the ability to work effectively in project teams, as a team member and leader * Have developed their networking skills and built professional relationships that will strengthen their employment prospects GRADING POLICY Attendance | 25 points | 10 guest lecture forms @ 2.5 pts each | 25 points | Guest lecture participation | 4 points | 4 surveys @ 0.5 pts each | 2 points | 5 quizzes @ 7 pts each | 35 points | Team project | 6 points | Project presentation forms | 3 points | Total | 100 points | On their respective due dates, course assignments requiring hard copy submission are to be turned in during class and those requiring electronic submission are to be submitted before 1 pm. Unless you have a legitimate excuse with supporting documentation and obtain my permission prior to the due date (or, if that’s impossible, at the first opportunity after the due date), you will receive a zero for a missed or late assignment. If you have questions concerning a grade you receive on any course assignment, it is your responsibility to inform me...

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...There are apparently short-run trends   If we know we are at the start of a downward trend, sell short If we know we are at the start of an upward trend, buy   How do you know when a trend is starting? ending? Can we devise rules (statistical or “technical”)? Week 5 FINS5513 6 Trend and Predictability   The price path is simulated: Price(Today) = Price(Yesterday) + x, where x is a standard normal random variable This process is called a random-walk   By construction, any trends that appear in a particular sample price path arise purely from chance There are no rules that will help us identify trends in time for us to profit by them  Do trends imply predictability? Week 5 FINS5513 7 Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)  Stock prices reflect all available information:    Weak-form efficiency Price fully reflects all information contained in trading history (price, volume, etc) Semi-strong-form efficiency Price fully reflects all public information on the firm (accounting information, etc.) Strong-form efficiency Price reflects all public and private information known to investors Week 5 FINS5513 8 What makes a market efficient?   BIG oil closed yesterday at 100 After trading closed, BIG announced larger than expected reserves:  extra value = $10 per share 109.90 bid, 110.10 offer     BIG jumps to 110 immediately at the open  No trading is needed The......

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...the research process. What are the aims of either approach? What assumptions does each approach make? What basic themes does each approach emphasize? What kinds of constraints on the process of doing research does each approach highlight? How are the two approaches alike and different in other ways? What are the likely pitfalls of viewing the research process from only one of these two viewpoints? Define (and discuss important features or issues concerning) the following constructs of Philosophy and Logic of Science. (Define any four terms). 1. Null hypothesis 3. Paradigm 4. Independent variable 5. Operational definition 6. Nomological network 8. The fallacy of affirming the consequent 9. Theory 2. Logical empiricism (positivism) 7. Modus tollens A4. Organizational Studies may be described as either a basic or an applied discipline. From your point of view, is Organizational Studies a basic discipline or an applied discipline, or both? What should it be? When answering this question, be sure to define distinctions between these two types of disciplines. Provide evidence from the organizational studies literature that supports your position. A5. What rules of evidence are used to determine whether a research finding is meaningful? A6. Considerable debate in the social and behavioral sciences has occurred concerning the role of the context of discovery versus the context of justification. Much of the debate has addressed the following sets of issues: a. What......

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...Lecture No.2 Chapter 2 Contemporary Engineering Economics Copyright ©2010 Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th edition. ©2010 Chapter  Opening Story – Research in  Motion Ltd. How would you  H ld evaluate the  financial  performance of  performance of the company? Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th edition. ©2010 Objective of the Company Increase the market value of the company Market value – stock price reflected in the financial  market Market values of some of well known U.S. firms Company Google Dell Coca Cola Wal‐Mart Ford Motor Stock Price k $445.47 $14.30 $48.78 $51.49 $7.68 Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th edition. ©2010 Number of  b f Shares Market Value  k l (mil) $141.13B $27.96B $113.02B $200.68B $24.74B Factors that Affect Market Value How is the company doing at a particular time? What is happening to other stock prices, that is, how are  the competitors doing? How do investors expect the company to perform in the  future – Decisions to invest in various projects and the  future – Decisions to invest in various projects and the actual performance of these projects Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th edition. ©2010 A. Why Engineers need to understand  the financial statements? Contemporary Engineering Economics, 5th edition. ©2010 Understanding Financial Understanding Financial  Statements Accounting: The Basis  of Decision Making of Decision‐Making Financial Statements:  Financial Status for ......

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... Jordan’s Practice Questions & Study Skills • Class announcements (infrequently) • Checking your scores on exams • Some links of interest 1 Course Evaluation • Four non‐cumulative exams – 20% (lowest mark) & 30% (highest mark) by term Weekly lectures • Selected topic from textbook • Additional, related material and concepts – demos, videos, discussions, … • 2 bonus points for research participation • no opportunities for extra assignments • Exam questions:  from textbook & lectures  including info from lectures not found in the  text, as well as material covered in the text but  not covered in lectures • If you miss a class, borrow notes from a  classmate Course Objectives • To gain a working knowledge of the scope of  the discipline of Psychology and a foundation  for future studies within the field.  • Required course for students who intend to  pursue additional courses in Psychology.  • Students must pass the course with a grade of  C to pursue further studies in Psychology.  General class rules Rule 1 – turn off your cell phone Rule 2 – never forget Rule # 1 Rule 3 – laptops are only for note taking Rule 4 – please show up on time Rule 5 – sleeping is OK, snoring is not Rule 6 – if you must eat, avoid hot food Rule 7 – e‐mail etiquette:  full name, student  number, course, full words & sentences • Rule 8 – Rule # 1 should be your mantra • • • • • • • 2 Miscellaneous tips on university life •......

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...companies; China, Russia To gain rapid entry into a new or consolidating industry and to take advantage of synergies 10 Copyright ©2014 Pearson Education The University of Western Australia Challenges in Implementing Global Alliances Alliances: faster and less risky route to globalization ( see exhibit 7-1)  Problems with        Shared ownership Differences in national cultures Integration of vastly different Conflicts in decision making and control Many fail or end up in takeover Governance Copyright ©2014 Pearson Education The University of Western Australia Under the Lens, p 241  “Dancing with the Gorilla”  Inevitable because of supply chains  Supply chains exist within value chains (see slide 4 for value chain concept as per Porter)  A supply chain is the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity  The reasons for alliances between SME-MNCs are often for supply chain reasons  But work for SMEs because through these alliances they can realise a ‘global reach’  Reasons for seeking a ‘global reach’ by SMEs relate back to reasons for internationalising (lecture 7) The University of Western Australia The University of Western Australia Assistance for SMEs  There are many opportunities and pitfalls that SMEs can face in internationalising.  These are often related to their size, that is, their size limits the range of operations that a larger company......

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