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Activity 1.1.4 Pulley Drives and Sprockets | |

Pulleys and sprockets achieve the same tasks as gears by transferring power through rotary motion. Depending on how pulleys and sprockets are applied, speed, direction, and torque can be modified within the system. Pulleys and sprockets are both used in everyday machines ranging from industrial applications to moving printer heads within a desktop printer. Typically, belts and pulleys are easier to manufacture, lighter weight, and less expensive to purchase than sprockets and chains. Although chains and sprockets are more difficult to manufacture and often noisier, they have the advantage of not slipping as easily and tend to be more durable than a belt and pulley system.

In this activity you will learn about belt and pulley systems and sprocket and chain systems. You will calculate ratios of examples of both systems in a lab environment.

Belt and Pulley Systems
A driver pulley (input) powers one or more driven pulleys (output). The pulleys are connected by belts. The ratios are based on the relationship between the different pulleys. As shown in Figure 1, pulleys manipulate torque and speed.

| |
Figure 1

The ratios of belt and pulley systems are the same as for gears. The exception is that there are no teeth on a pulley to count, so you must rely on the diameter of each pulley.

It is common for multiple pulleys to be used with a single belt as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Assuming that Pulley A is the power source or input and that it is moving clockwise (CW), which way would the other pulleys rotate, clockwise or counterclockwise (CCW)? Complete the table below.

Pulley | CW or CCW | A | CW | B | * CCW | C | * CW | D | * CW |

Using the diameter of each pulley, what is the ratio between pulley A and the other three pulleys? Complete…...

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...communication functions to use Facebook influenced the bonding and bridging social capital. Moreover, expressive information sharing and relaxing entertainment are associated with bonding and bridging social capital (Papacharissi & Mendelson, 2011). Davis, Piven, and Breazeale (2014) revealed that social media community is engaged in specific functions such as social interaction and self-actualization during usage. 2.2. Self-esteem and social capital Scholarly literature proved the association between level of selfesteem and internet use (Aydın & Sarı, 2011; Kim & Davis, 2009 & Yang & Tung, 2007) and particularly self-esteem was found a strong predictor in the formation of bonding and bridging social capital (Johnston, Tanner, Lalla, & Kawalski, 2013). Similar association between self-esteem and bonding and bridging social capital has been noted by Ellison et al. (2007). But contrary to these associations, the study conducted by Steinfield et al. (2008) revealed that the use of Facebook did not interacted with self-esteem to influence bridging social capital Phua and Jin (2011) revealed that collective selfesteem also had a stronger impact on bonding social capital than bridging social capital. 2.3. Socio-economic status and social capital Previous literature shows that socio-economic status has a relationship with the use of internet (Aerschot & Rodousakisb, 2008; Wangberg et al., 2008). Choi, Kim, Sung, and Sohn (2011) found that culture has a strong......

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