Jefferson Wears a Tie

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Jefferson Wears a Tie
By John Mansfield

In the short story Jefferson Wears a Tie by John Mansfield we follow the man Jefferson and see the change that is happening to him at his job. Jefferson is working in an office as a Sales Administration Manager and he dreams of success and promotions. But he has been working for 3 years and nothing has changed and at the end he realizes that he cannot stand his life’s situation anymore. So he puts on a tie and begins to let loose at his office. He does not get as much work done as he used to but still he walks around comfortable and confident and people starts to notice a positive change in the entire office because of it. At the workplace the staff starts to talk about a need for a new staff and Jefferson knows that a promotion offer will come to him. In the very end of the story he just cannot stand his job anymore, so he confident walks into the Managing Directors office and says: “Good morning Mr. Price. I understand you’d like to promote me to Sales Executive…”
The story takes place at Jefferson’s job in an office. The telling of the story is in a chronological order with no types of flashback, flash-forwards etc. It is a modern time and environment which as an example can be seen on the graffiti on the station and at the office Jefferson work at.
The most important thing in this text is the personal change that our main character Jefferson goes through. He starts with being quiet and dissatisfied and then he evolves into this confident man who does whatever he pleases at his job. You can see the change begin at the time where Jefferson arrives ten minutes late for work which he normally would never do because of his commitment to his duties. What is even more interesting about the change is his new clothes that make his colleagues at the office turn their heads when he walks by. In the text is says:
The next day,…...

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