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Question 1
You are in charge of the IT department for your organisation. Write an essay evaluating the use of the Internet as a business tool for your organization.

1. Introduction
The internet has had a phenomenal impact on how businesses worldwide operate and the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has not been an exception. Though the superhighway has some potholes nevertheless it has enabled ZERA to fulfil its mandate and as a result the internet is now an indispensable tool.
ZERA is an energy regulator formed in 2012 by an Act of Parliament and mandated to regulate the energy industry through the issuance of licences to players in the energy sector, offer advice on energy to government and do research on energy technologies among other roles.
Several researchers such as Lane et al., (2004); Pare (2002); Darley (2003) and Rwigema and Venter (2004) argue that the Internet has transformed the way in which business is done in the following ways: It (i) transcends the boundaries of time and space allowing business to be conducted at any and all the time in any and all locations across the world; (ii) allows penetration of global markets without incurring logistical costs of access; (iii) allows organizations to offer their products and services in different locations without having to set up separate sales infrastructure in each location; (iv) allows small businesses to compete more effectively with big businesses; and (v) allows buyers and sellers to communicate and connect and reduces transactions and information costs. Internet tools used by ZERA can broadly be divided into four categories namely communication, collaboration, customer service and research and these have resulted in operation efficiencies and reduced costs.

2. Communication
Electronic communication has become an integral process in ZERA’s operations. The email has…...

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