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27/2/2012 Dealing with budgets and surviving the summer | Marketing |

ALÉXANDROS | Innovation Plan |

Inhoudsopgave The product 3 Current situation 4 New Target groups 5 New advertisement forms 6 Social media 6 Video advertisement 6 Affiliated advertising 6 Projected results 7

The product

Alexandros produces conductive pins that provide a practical solution for touchscreen device users to comfortably answer calls, send text messages, take photos, get directions, play games or scroll through music on their phones while wearing gloves. The pins work with all capacitive touch screen devices including the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, LG and most other touchscreen devices available.
The main advantages the conductive pins offer in comparison with the conductive gloves are as follows. The pins are used in combination with a glove of choice. It enables the consumer to use their touch screen device while wearing a glove that meets their requirements concerning design, ability to keep hands warm and are easily removed and reattached to a different glove if the glove is ruined, washed or simply no longer wanted. Especially consumers in their teens and early twenties are brand aware and could combine the pins with any brand of glove. It also enables the user to wear different gloves every day and still make use of the product without spending any extra money.

Feature Highlights:
- Works with all capacitive touch screen devices
- Made of high quality sustainable silicone
- Designed to fit all
- Provides comfort while using touch screen device during the winter
- Durable fabric and construction

Current situation
Currently the following segments have been targeted: A. The professional: Aged between 25 and 45 years old, primarily male with a midlevel or higher income, working in corporate business. This segment uses their…...

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