Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media
Anthony Wilson
December 9, 2013
Clare Parsons

Influence of Entertainment Media The interrelationship between the entertainment media and culture is that society is altering to reflect the views they see on television shows, movie screens, and other public television entertainment. People watch television for entertaining purposes but it spears that more and more society tries to be as those they watch on television as far as trying to dress, act, live and or impersonate them.
Various forms of entertainment media has shaped American cultures and its values because there have been changes in the way that we communicate with one another. For example with television and music terminology and meanings of words have had their own form of communication developed. There is a new form of slang and jargon used to fit in with what people see and hear. Artists try to develop ways to interact and become accepted by their audience that they do not focus on the changes that they make or the reactions that will be caused. Television has been around for many years whereas the radio was first. When television was created there was picture to match sounds being heard. People were able to see what they were trying to envision before allowing them the opportunity to make changes to be like what they saw. It would be wise to be like you but not everyone knows what that is.
The social influences of media entertainment are both positive and negative depending on the content. Some entertainment media instills good moral value and judgment whereas others may not. Some could develop positive ideas about ways to improve and advance in a positive way through life by advancement; though some may take not of the negative decisions presented as presented in much of the musical media presented through hip hop. Media can be confusing…...

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