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The Industrial Revolution’s Effect on Social Class
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The Industrial Revolution’s Effect on Social Class
The industrial revolution was the period in which fundamental changes and effects took place in England between 1760 to 1850.The revolution had diverse effects on various sectors such as agriculture, education, transportation as well as the social class of the people. Moreover, the industrial revolution was a gradual process and generated drastic changes to the life of people in society as a whole. The fundamental purpose of this study discussion is to explore and showcase the effect the revolution had to the social division of people in England as well as the rest of the world. Social class was the categorization of society by their social and economic status. Focus will be made on various social classes that came into being during this historical era. The effect of the industrial revolution was mostly seen in the living conditions of the social classes during the 1880s.
Among the nobility class, the birth was more significant compared to their income levels. Duke Cousins were weak and lazy and were accepted in the high society over the wealthy industrialists emanating from the lower class. Few lords owned great houses both in country and London town and additionally the lords were always waited on by their servants. During the modern industrial period of the 1800s, aristocracy members dominated almost every level of the ruling body. The aristocratic young lady during this era was eligible for marriage (Wyatt, 2009). On this regard, she would come out as a debutante on occasion she was being presented to the queen. The boys had possessed both governesses and nannies and attended elite learning institutions. Girls, on the other hand, acquired their education at homes awaiting their marriage. Few girls…...

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