Impulse Buying Behaviour

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Due to increasing competition and the similarity of merchandise, retailers utilize visual merchandising to differentiate their offerings from others’ as well as to improve the desirability of products. The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between college students’ apparel impulse buying behaviors and

visual merchandising.

The result of the present study proves that there is a pivotal relationship between college students’ impulse buying behaviors and two type of visual merchandising practices: instore form/mannequin display and promotional signage. This study provides information as to why visual merchandising should be considered an important component of a strategic marketing plan in support of sales increase and positive store/company image.
This study also provides insights to retailers about types of visual merchandising that can influence consumers’ impulse buying behaviors.


Impulse buying behavior, Visual merchandising



BS, The Catholic University of Korea, Republic of Korea, 1991
BFA, American Intercontinental University, 2000

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