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Description of a day I can remember
May 15th 2010, at 3:11 in the morning and the 15 hours on the plane to New York was nearly over. I felt restless and jet lagged due to the distance I had to travel early in the morning. The plane slowly landed as I tried to wake up my friend Mike who laid in bed like a lifeless deer. Suddenly an adrenaline rushed through my spine causing me to shiver as the pilot announced we were finally free to go.He quickly woke up breathing heavily as if he just had a heart attack. As he regained his senses I could still see the slap mark I gave him. “Damn that felt good,” I murmured under my breath.
“What hit me?” Mike asked confusingly.
“Nothing, we just landed mate,” I replied with a grin.
Our tattered up brown bags were all ready to go as soon as we got off the plane and we hurried along as we didn’t want to be late for this once in a life time opportunity to watch Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather fight against Amir ‘King’ Khan. As we stepped out, a cold chill welcomed us and grey clouds gathered above us. We hastily rushed towards the yellow cab and demanded to be at the arena as soon as possible.
The clock ticked nervously closer towards 10pm as the traffic slowed us down. I got more anxious by the second. My heart started to beat uncontrollably and I suddenly had an urge to escape.
“Forget this Mike, let’s go on foot,” I demanded as I flung open the cab door and zoomed past the cabs,avoiding the thundering traffic.The pungent smell of spices overwhelmed me, wafting up my nose causing me to feel queasy. However with my destination in sight, I dashed towards it until suddenly…
I stopped. I had to. My eyes flickered towards a small fragile girl standing alone in the corner. Her tattered, white clothing alongside…...

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