Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis
Problem Identification Insurance is financial protection needed by all policy owners and a probable threat for insurance companies. Insurance companies all have their own risk managers who have to deal with potential policy owners. Risk managers prepare and estimate for unforeseen threats. To calculate probable disasters a very time-consuming and tedious job of information gathering is necessary (Sutherland, 1993). A proactive risk manager is an important quality needed to succeed. The long-established way has been by information on organized paper in case of significant injuries or damages. Each case has an information manual to follow for each circumstance for loss (Sutherland, 1993). This process can be unproductive because of a tremendous paper amount. Paperwork written and stored can add up to incredible amounts, which means locating these important papers of information could take a prolonged time. Computers have advanced with programming and technology. Risk management companies can innovate with an assortment of programs to accelerate their need for locating information. This method can significantly decrease time once the proper program is put into place. The time-consuming ways of the past of wading through thousands of papers can come to an end.
The hypothesis in this situation is that innovating with computers will support risk managers with their need to expedite their profession. The hypothesis should show the advantages and disadvantages by this technology use. First the individual needs can be examined by the risk managers. Can the need be satisfied by the program? If agreed the risk managers need to employ this program to decide whether the program satisfies. They need to centralize the…...

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